Need Head Units in Sussex or Car Audio in Sussex then let us come and install your sound system at your home for you.

SubZero ICE have a wide range of head units that we can install into your vehicle and we are certain you will be satisfied with your new system once our work is completed. We offer a full and customised installation to your vehicle using the very latest in head units that combine Bluetooth, Sat Nav, Digital Radio and a wide range of speakers to fit. All of our In Car Entertainment systems come with a 12 month guarantee for your peace of mind.Maybe you already have your equipment?  Then we can also install these into your car - so call us and we will be happy to help.



DVD Playback and listen to your CD discs

Do you love your CDs? Listen to your collection on the road and get even more of your favourite sounds when you use the DVD player to enjoy music videos. The DVD player is also great for watching movies when your car’s parked.Integrate the system to your cars stereo for extra clarity using your own speakers.All systems can be customised and installed to your requirements.

Hands Free Kits

Keep in touch safely whilst driving with a hands free kit for your phone. Whether hard wired in or by using Bluetooth technology, avoid points and a fine by going 'hands free'. Integrate the system to your cars stereo for extra clarity using your own speakers.

Satellite Navigation

In Car Satellite Navigation systems are now very popular. Great for long journeys or driving holidays - both in the UK and in Europe. No need for huge maps, just let 'Pam' guide you to your destination. The latest models can do far more than just guide you through your journey - find out where 'safety cameras' are, or use it as a hands-free kit for your mobile or plug in your MP3 player. We supply the major brands and can fit them into your car to avoid trailing wires.

Here is a selection of what we can install in your vehicle.

  • Amplifiers
  • Audio & Visual (AV)
  • Bluetooth
  • Car Stereos
  • CD/MP3 Changers
  • DAB Radio
  • Factory Fitted (OEM) Speaker Replacements
  • In Car Digital TV & DVD Players
  • Roof Screens
  • IR Headphones
  • iPod & Portable MP3
  • Marine Audio Systems
  • Van/Truck Audio Systems
  • Phone Kits & Accessories
  • Power / Charging Accessories
  • Satellite Navigation
  • Dash Cams
  • Speakers - Tweeters, Mids, Sub Woofers, Coaxial, Dual/Bi Cone, Component

Below are some examples of the makes and models of head units we have installed on cars in the Sussex area, call us on 01825 766655 to get a personalised quote for the install of In Car Entertainment in your vehicle.

All in one car entertainment and navigation

KENWOOD Apple CarPlay


Get truly connected, wherever you go

The AVIC-F88DAB combines high-quality audio and video with smart navigation. On top, it supports the latest connectivity options for your smartphone, such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, AppRadio Mode, Bluetooth and more. Wait no longer and get truly connected in a much smarter and safer way.

This AVIC unit is equipped with a large 7-inch, capacitive display and an intuitive interface to guarantee smooth and safe operation on-the-go. Plus, you can adapt the button and screen settings for optimal visibility day and night.

What's more? The AVIC-F88DAB has an integrated HDMI port built-in, which can be used to connect your smartphone utilising AppRadio Mode or as a dedicated open AV source. Last but not least, this in-car receiver comes with gold-plated RCA the highest audio quality.

Apple CarPlay

The AVIC-F960DAB is one of the first aftermarket radios to feature Apple CarPlay (firmware update required). CarPlay is the smarter, safer and more fun way to use your iPhone® in the car. CarPlay gives iPhone users an incredibly intuitive way to make calls, use Maps, listen to music and access messages with just a word or a touch. Learn more at

Multi-touch & hi-res display

The buttons and high contrast, anti-glare screen can be adapted to your taste. For optimal visibility, day and night. This means you will get optimal contrast and viewing on your head unit at any time of the day or night.


A password can be set and the panel can be partially detached and taken along with you for additional security. This can be handy if you ever leave your car somewhere you are unsure about like a car park for long periods of time or urban areas that may worry you.

For better sound

Superior sound is guaranteed thanks to high-end audio components and the Digital Signal Processor, which calculates the perfect time alignment settings and has a sophisticated Auto EQ section.

Apps in your car

Control compatible smartphone apps directly from your car dashboard via AppRadio Mode or MirrorLink. This feature integrates with your smartphone and you will never need to take your mobile out of your pocket.

Eats anything

Connect any device to listen to your favourite songs or watch a movie via: CD, DVD, iPod, iPhone, USB, HDMI, SD, Aux-in, and Bluetooth.

Parrot Bluetooth module

In addition to basic features such as hands-free calling and music audio streaming, this Bluetooth module includes: wide band speech for a clearer voice and enhanced voice recognition, and file browsing.

Avoid traffic jams

Get to your final destination faster thanks to these built-in traffic message services: TMC, ViaMichelin, Mediamobile Nordic, Inrix and pre-installed Here Maps.

Digital Audio Broadcasting

Thanks to the integrated DAB-tuner you will be able to listen to your favourite radio stations in digital sound quality without distortion.

Endless tunes from endless sources

Android Auto Wireless

Apple CarPlay Wireless

Designed to bring the connected lifestyle into your car, this sign means not only does the head unit plays back CDs; it also plays tunes from your iPod, iPhone, Android smartphone or USB stick. A front illuminated Aux-in and dual rear USB ports provide portable devices with direct connection to the tuner's sound system.

Enjoy App Control for selected apps. Connect your iPod, iPhone or Android smartphone* via USB and listen to your favourite music and streaming audio apps.

A built-in DAB+ tuner lets you explore thousands of new radio stations and additional sources of traffic-related services. You can pause play during calls or skip back to check song titles or repeat a track.

With MIXTRAX EZ on board, you can create non-stop, club-style mixes from your music, illuminating your dashboard with colour effects based on the beat of each song. Or liven up your in-car entertainment even more by matching the wide-angle, multi-colour RGB display and key illumination to your dashboard, favourite colour or mood.

Fully Bluetooth-enabled, you can also make hands-free calls, control specific apps and stream audio from compatible devices. SSP makes pairing to your device a breeze and ASR assures optimum audio quality while streaming.

With a MOSFET 50W x 4 amplifier set-up and high-grade audio parts inside, this tuner takes in-car audio to the next level. If that isn't enough, you can always use the 3 RCA pre-outs to hook up another stereo component, like an extra amp for the front and rear speakers or a subwoofer, for example.

Alpine Car Audio units

Halo9 – 9-Inch Media Receiver, featuring DAB+ digital radio, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility

The iLX-F905D Alpine Halo9 is the second generation of Alpine’s world-famous Halo product line, featuring a 9-inch high-resolution WXGA touch-screen and is compatible with virtually any vehicle with 1DIN or 2DIN installation dock. The super-slim display appears to simply hover over your dashboard and can be adjusted in various ways for the best position.Enjoy wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (wired) compatibility, DAB+ digital radio, USB video playback, Hi-Res Audio playback, Bluetooth hands-free and audio streaming and much more with this amazing Head Unit.Bring exceptionally good sound quality into your vehicle: the Alpine Halo9 is the world’s first Head Unit featuring a built-in Class-D amplifier and has a wide array of professional sound tuning functions, such as 2-way X-overs, a Parametric EQ, digital time correction and much more.

9-inch WXGA HD Display

The large, 9-inch WXGA touch-screen display features a resolution of 1280 x 720p and includes over 2.7 million pixel elements - making icons, menus and visual content extremely crisp and vibrant in your dash. The screen is attached to an adjustable mount connected to a single-DIN chassis that’s designed to fit in most 1DIN or 2DIN dash openings.

Wireless Apple CarPlay

The iLX-F905D “Works with Apple CarPlay” wirelessly and lets iPhone users make and receive calls, access and write text messages, play music, and get direction in a way that allows them to stay focused on the road. Apple CarPlay is accessed through the capacitive touchscreen or the mic button to activate Siri voice control. Due to the WiFi connection, you can keep your iPhone in your pocket and do not need to plug it in all the time (except for charging).

World’s First Head Unit With Built-in Class-D Amplifier

The iLX-F905D is the world’s first aftermarket Head Unit featuring a built-in 4x 50 Watts Class-D amplifier – allowing excellent, high-end sound reproduction with highly reduced noise or phase shift. The key benefit of Class-D amplification technology is its high efficiency of about 90%, compared to 50 - 70% of Class AB amplifiers. New high-speed fans with internal heat sinks keep your Alpine Halo9 cool - and the music playing.

Vehicle Data-bus Connection

If your car is equipped with parking sensors and, you can continue to use these convenient functions with your iLX-F905D. Alpine offers many vehicle data-bus interfaces to connect your Alpine Halo9 to your vehicle’s data-bus system. This enables compatibility with your vehicle’s steering wheel control buttons, display of air conditioning settings as well parking sensor display.

Drive-Assist Cameras

A rear view camera is a great way to make reversing safer. The camera image automatically comes on when you shift into reverse and distance guides that can be adjusted to match your car size will appear on the screen to help you safely park your car. Alpine offers a wide variety of front and rear facing cameras, including multi-view cameras with selectable viewing angles. You can even view the camera screen and parking sensor screen simultaneously, if your car supports it.

Kenwood High Performance Digital Radio For Your Car


The ultimate in-car music and Bluetooth hands-free solution. When the convenience of Bluetooth integration is wanted but with no compromise in sound quality and audio control then why purchase separate hands-free equipment which normally plays back callers on a tiny in-built speaker, when you can integrate the phone system completely into your vehicle's audio system. Add to this high quality Bluetooth music streaming of all your favourite music on your mobile device. Kenwood’s integrated Bluetooth range includes entry-level models up to high spec digital radio product with multi-line display for easy track selection.. Music will never have sounded better in your car.


Kenwood's (DAB) Digital Radio car stereos continue to be at the cutting edge of digital radio, with entry level to high spec multi-line display models including Bluetooth hands-free and streaming technology.

The digital tick is designed to give potential purchasers peace of mind that the product will perform all features of current & future digital radio specifications. All approved products displaying the digital tick mark include DAB, DAB+ and FM and have undergo rigorous testing including quality of reception, tuning and other DAB features.

Steering wheel controls

Many cars nowadays offer the opportunity to control the factory-fit audio system from the remote control buttons on your steering wheel.  When you exchange this system however for an aftermarket audio system, almost always the control buttons lose their functionality.Kenwood has developed a series of custom-made steering wheel remote control adaptors (SWRC's) that "translate " the signals from the factory-installed remote control buttons on your steering wheel to a "language " that Kenwood head units understand. This allows you to control all kinds of settings* like volume, tuner band search, tuner presets skip back/forward, CD/DVD skip forward/back.

Alpine head units

The Mobile Media Station not only plays different sources, they make them sound great!You get a wide variety of advanced features, including the ability to use the versatile TuneIt app with Facebook linkage.Excellent sound quality compliments its wide compatibility, including built in Bluetooth with Voice dial function and optional DVB-T/DAB/DAB+.You can personalize the unit with any wallpaper image (background) you choose.

For more information on any head units please call us to find out more and we will be happy to quote you on an install into your car or vehicle.