So what is Digital Radio and what are the benefits?

With Digital Radio you can listen to radio in a number of ways: DAB digital radio, online (on computers and apps) and on TV. If you listen on a digital radio set, you’ll get access to FM stations, plus other stations you already know and love, as well as a wide range of digital-only stations.There’s something for everyone on digital radio. From jazz to rock, classical to hip-hop and speech to sport, there's a station to suit everyone.



DAB benefits

  • Hiss and crackle-free sound
  • Easy to tune: find the station you want by name, not number
  • Track and artist listings: digital radios display on-screen information
  • Pause and rewind: some digital radios offer pause and rewind so you don’t have to miss a thing
  • Record programmes: some digital radios let you record your favourite programmes
  • A wider selection of radio channels to listen to in digital quality.

Analogue/digital station comparison charts

For a comparison of the choice of analogue and digital stations available, please click on a city/town name below to download a PDF document. Retailers may find these comparisons helpful when explaining to customers what stations are available on DAB digital radio.These show predictive coverage only. Reception for analogue and digital stations cannot be guaranteed at any specific location. Stations available will change from time to time so please check back regularly for the latest comparison charts.

If your town or city does not appear here, please use the postcode checker here to check DAB stations in any specific location.

    See what Digital Radio stations are available in your area

    Head over the the DAB website here to check DAB stations in your area.

    Please note: This postcode checker gives a prediction of the DAB coverage in your area. It doesn't allow for other factors that may affect reception, such as whether you live in a very built-up area or in a basement flat, or your building has a steel frame or is made of reinforced concrete.Most newer top end car radios come supplied with DAB Radio built in and if you have any more questions please call us to find out more.

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